About Karen Mills, Author of Tasting Stars

Karen Mills grew up in Otara in Auckland. Her homelife was tumultuous and difficult. At fourteen years old she left home to live with a married couple who both taught at her school. She credits their guidance and love as being instrumental in her survival. Karen became a teacher and spent thirty glorious and hilarious years teaching young people just like herself in South Auckland. Asides from her two beautiful adult daughters, and more recently her adored grandson, Karen is most proud of her heart for children and animals. Writing a novel was a promise she made herself as a young woman and always knew the right time to begin would declare itself.

Volunteering for Destiny Rescue a charity that rescues children from sexual slavery she knew it was time.

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We don’t tell enough stories about abuse. This silence means that many people who are abused live with it in isolation.

Dr Nina Burrows.

Karen Mills writes a gripping story about family violence with profound understanding

Set in the 1960’s Tasting Stars is the story of how a
13 year old girl living in the most difficult of
circumstances finds her voice and in doing so
changes lives in ways she never would have
believed were possible.